Course Certification

Benefits of Certification

The QOLT certification process is a comprehensive process that includes design support for your course and professional development for you. QOLT directly supports student success by systematically improving the design and organization of your course and by giving you the skills and know-how to be a better teacher. 

Moreover, QOLT certification has many additional concrete benefits such as:

  • Official letter of accomplishment for RTP purposes
  • Campus-wide recognition in QOLT events and on the QOLT website
  • Eligibility to become a QOLT Ambassador
  • Opportunities to participate in CSU system-level Quality Assurance programs
  • First-to-know access to funding opportunities such as Course Redesign with Technology and Affordable Instructional Materials
  • Stipends for completion of full certification

Certification Process

A flowchart illustrating the steps of the certification process

1. Join the QOLT community

First, complete the QOLT Community sign-up form to join the SF State QOLT email listserve. You will receive email updates about upcoming QOLT professional development opportunities. You can also commuincate with the QOLT community through the listserve.

2. Complete QOLT training & workshops

Comprehensive training on how to use the QOLT rubric for quality course design and teaching strategies is offered in person on our campus and fully online at the CSU-level.

SF State QOLT training workshops are typically offered on campus during summer and winter break. CSU Chancellor's Office QOLT training courses are offered fully online throughout the year.

For those who have already completed QOLT training or who have elected to complete certification independently, visit the Resources section of this website to find QOLT rubrics, reference materials, and more.

3. Complete a self-review and course revisions

You must complete a QOLT Self-review and Revision Planning Document (download PDF version) (download Word version) in order to apply for certification. It is recommended that you attend a SF State QOLT Self-review Workshop. In this workshop we will get you started on completing the self-review and help you formulate a revision plan.

There are many QOLT professional development resources available to you as you work through your course revisions. One option is to self-organize into a departmental cohort. As part of the cohort you will work collaboratively with Mentors, staff, and other cohort members as you build and implement new solutions and improvements. 

Another option is to complete your course revisions independently. We encourage you to request individual support from AT's Teaching and Learning with Technology team as needed.

4. Apply for certification

You must complete the Application for QOLT Certification and attach your completed Self-review and Revision Planning Document (download PDF version) (download Word version).

5. Confirm verification and peer review

Your course will then be anonymously reviewed by our trained peer reviewers. Applicants will receive the results of the peer review and verification process by email.

6. Award of certification and recognition

Successful applicants will receive official documentation of their course certification and be recognized at AT events.