Ambassadors Program

Dedicated To Quality

The QOLT Ambassadors are a dedicated group of faculty who support the QOLT initiative on our campus. Our Ambassadors are working hard to support the faculty in a number of ways including: facilitating QOLT training workshops, acting as mentors to QOLT community members, doing outreach presentations at faculty meetings, acting as peer reviewers for QOLT certification, representing SF State at CSU-level quality assurance events, and advising on QOLT-related policy.

2016-17 QOLT Ambassadors

  • Natalio Avani, Graduate College of Education
  • Suzanne Levi-Sanchez, College of Liberal & Creative Arts¬†

2015-16 QOLT Ambassadors

  • Jonathan Lee, College of Ethnic Studies
  • Patricia Donohue, Graduate College of Education
  • Maya Delgado Greenberg, Graduate College of Education
  • Kurt Daw, College of Liberal and Creative Arts
  • John Holland, College of Liberal and Creative Arts
  • Juliana van Olphen, College of Health and Social Sciences
  • Jackson Wilson, College of Health and Social Sciences
  • Bruce Heiman, College of Business
  • Eric Bishop, College of Extended Learning

Request a QOLT Ambassador Visit

If you would like one of our ambassadors to visit your next department meeting to talk to your team about how QOLT can benefit you please email us at

Become a QOLT Ambassador

We are always looking for dedicated faculty to join our team! If you have completed QOLT training and have at least one course fully QOLT certified we want to hear from you. There are many potential roles and tasks that you can be part of, such as, peer reviewing courses for certification, mentoring new QOLT members, giving outreach presentations, and advising on QOLT policy and strategy. Stipends are available for ambassadorial work.

To learn more about how you can contribute and how QOLT can support your career aspirations email or call (415) 405-5550.